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Electrocardiography (ECG) and vectorcardiography (VCG) – are the two methods by means of which a study of the electric field of the heart (EFH) is enabled.

Vectorcardiography, in its current form, is a result of different methods of recording and interpreting the electrical field of the heart (EFH). These methods were developed by researchers within over the last 50 years but have now come to a dead end. Through the VCG researchers hoped to detect changes of the EFH in space. But this did not take place. Researchers were limited to a heap of criteria in VCG assessment. This was not reflecting the EFH in space. The required effort to conduct a VCG was too high compared to the ECG. The following fundamentally different method of studying the spatial EFH is proposed here. It is called the method of spatial vectorсardiometry (SVCM), which was described in the respective thesis in 1981.

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